Work in progress, in the elf studio…

Yikes, 3 markets booked in and stock needs to start emanating magically from my studio/hands/imagination/somewhere?…. So, strangely aided by the grip of a slightly head-hoovering post party slump I managed to turn my surviving (s)elf to the single-minded task of potting.  And *delighted* found myself to be undistractedly productive for many hours.  Without the adhd liveliness of a usual daytime weekend mind, I actually concentrated!

So, here are some little monochromatic tasters of goods yet to be finished… naked porcelain objects gently drying in readiness for decoration, glazes and double firing.

I’m especially looking forward to a flight of swallows.  I found a beautiful brass swallow in a little antiques market, full of forlorn Presents from Bournemouth, militaria and horrid horse brasses.  Just as I was lamenting how anyone could possibly buy or collect brass objects, so tacky and crass looking… my eye lit upon a single swallow perched on an almost-packed away stall and I knew we had a future together. My wonderful pottery teacher Bill showed me how to cast it and I am now creating porcelain swallows to be decorated in slips and oxides, hopefully to swoop gracefully onto people’s walls for Christmas time…


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