A bit of a catch up…

So, As the Crow Flies had a fairly busy year for stalls – I say busy, that only means about 5 since last Christmas season but here are a few pics of the past year, as I haven’t posted anything new for while…

Above: Redland Green Christmas fair.  Below:  Windmill Hill Farm Fair.

I’m excited about the new owl brooches!! They sold really well over summer so busy trying to make more before I miss the Christmas bus 🙂

Above: mini stall at Montpelier summer fair.  Below: workspace in my studio at home.

Nouvelles Objets (ish)

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A belated post of a load of fun winter market stock by As The Crow Flies industries… Speaking of industrious – I just went to the Watershed to see the incredible early Russian film ‘Turksib‘ with a live score by Bronnt Industries Kapital.  Absolutely mesmerising and beautiful.  Everything is rendered so clear and pure in black and white; it gives far more space to simply observe and engage with what’s going on.