Functional pots; responding to India

I need to work further into this idea, but I was charmed by India’s functional usage of pots. Although the use of unglazed earthenware vessels as diposable street-ware is dwindling sadly, it’s still perfectly normal to drink tea or lassi from a crude, beautiful, unique little pot in the street (and surreptitiously squirrel it in my bag rather than dash it to the ground!). They are so conical in shape, with tiny bases – designed for handheld use, not setting a table. I got home and couldn’t wait to try churning out a set of these…


Here are my offerings – not bad for quickness but as I intend them for onwards use rather than one hit I will glaze them after bisque firing. This pic below (courtesy of pinterest) is a stack of unglazed lassi glasses, ready for use in Jaipur. A cold thick yoghurt drink handed to you in one of these for 20 pence is a sheer joy.


I’ve decorated mine using inspiration from a traditional desert house doorway, out in the Thar desert area. Here the housing is beautifully simple with adobe-smoothed outlines and folk designs around doors and alcoves. Happily my favourite motif, the peacock is in widespread use out there 😉

desert doorway lo

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