Hand Painted Porcelain Cufflinks

Introducing a fine new range of rather jaunty hand made and hand painted porcelain and antiqued brass cufflinks…


Choose from Joyride:

1908366_908420829171659_1451129766470782802_n 10532349_908420689171673_6756354750830124688_n 1554369_908420959171646_6587545467267189521_n

Deer Cry in Autumn:

1521386_908420752505000_2029595166507044178_n 10590429_908420932504982_4550677045924837266_n

Hello Sailor:

10382442_908420882504987_8053395082867499666_n 1620976_908420702505005_1290802294014942020_n

Resting on My Laurels:


Over the Moon:




Cufflinks are all available in a variety of colours, not all pictured here… All of them feature hand-pressed designs taken from vintage glass buttons, which are fired in porcelain and then individually hand-painted before glazing, firing and mounting. Perfect for any discerning and dapper gent! Find them on a market stall via the Shop page or order direct at £16 a pair plus p&p from asthecrowsfly@live.co.uk

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